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Integrate solutions

Choose the right Integrate for you

Whether you’re looking for a basic model or a complete actuarial solution, there’s an Integrate that’s right for you.


Integrate One

With Integrate One, you begin a transformational journey. Your models are easier to keep up to date based on an annual model review against best practices and the latest innovations.

Integrate One allows you to tap into the power and flexibility of the cloud with more scalability and reliability. Results are presented in cloud-hosted reports and dashboards, and by running your models in the cloud you can set yourself on the path for future growth, with the ability to scale resources as your needs and goals evolve.

A single platform approach built on the foundation of Integrate Base, combined with efficient model design, cloud computing, and cloud-hosted reports and dashboards, can help you and your teams get more value from your efforts. Robust SLAs, disaster recovery capabilities, and more precise modeling and valuation processes and results all help increase confidence in accuracy and stability.


Upgrade path

Integrate One gives you many benefits of the cloud, including better availability, security, and reliability, but it also puts you on the path to leverage even more powerful services in the future—from data visualization to big data to machine learning.

Cloud computing

Highly scalable, elastic computing gives you the ability to tap into virtually unlimited horsepower on demand. When you’re executing runs in the cloud, Integrate will scale up and down to meet your needs—whether you need a few hundred cores or several thousand.

Basic model design

Our expert modeling teams work with you to get a deep understanding of your existing design, architecture, modeling/valuation functions, and product portfolio, then we help you design a model and architecture that leverages our well-tested best practices.

Annual model review

Every year, we work with you on a deep-dive review of your model development and management, helping you stay aligned with best practices.

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Integrate Two

With Integrate Two, in addition to the enhanced service and system functionality of Integrate One, we partner with you to keep your models up to date to the Standard Code, and you receive advice on your modeling and valuation processes.

Integrate Two gives you a higher level of governance with powerful tools to manage and control model change.

Integrate Two provides a highly controlled and governed change management environment, enabling model developers to coordinate a release, work in parallel, define and enforce a process around change, and visually see and resolve conflicts, thereby increasing efficiency and consistency. Integrate Two also provides you with guidance in developing a target operating model (TOM).


Annual upgrades to standard code

Every year, we will help you upgrade your logic, so you can take advantage of all the improvements that we continuously incorporate into the standard logic for Integrate (for example, to support new types of insurance or respond to regulatory changes).

Target Operating Model

We work with you to develop a target operating model (TOM) around modeling infrastructure. The TOM typically addresses organizational design around all of the modeling and valuation functional applications (e.g., processes, needs, customers, and key roles and responsibilities).

Advanced model governance and collaboration

Integrate provides both change management functionality to support model development and change, as well as automated execution functionality. The entire automated process features full auditability and traceability.

Cloud capacity management

Integrate One lets you tap into elastic, on-demand resources, scaling up and down to meet your needs, but with Integrate Two and Integrate Three, we monitor and manage your cloud usage, to advise you on optimal scaling.

Historical data retention and comparison

Integrate Two and Integrate Three preserve the history of all your runs, so you always have the ability to look back in time and compare with prior runs to validate results, even across different reporting periods. You can also look at trend analysis and all historical information in your data.

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Integrate Three

With Integrate Three, you experience a full transformation, propelling you into the twenty-first century with a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Integrate Three is for organizations that want to reinvent the way they approach financial modeling and reporting. Going far beyond the model governance tools of Integrate Two, Integrate Three provides an automated, end-to-end solution, from initial data integration to advanced reporting and storytelling.

Integrate Three brings together and automates your entire process, from extracting and transforming back-end data to helping actuaries dynamically and efficiently interpret and analyze results.

With Integrate Three, you have a true strategic partner. Our senior management meets regularly with your senior management to define and confirm strategic priorities. During critical production periods (such as quarter-end valuation), your environment is supported 24/7. If the system goes down while your runs are live, the issue will be resolved within an SLA-specified timeline, no matter the time of day.


Annual process review

Our consulting teams will join you in model management and governance work groups, providing support and guidance to modeling teams, facilitating resolution of specialized support issues, offering training, and conducting periodic reviews of models, systems, and processes.

Assumption management

Integrate Three provides comprehensive governance around assumption change, significantly increasing the accuracy and efficiency of managing assumptions. All updates, reviews, and analyses are logged and tracked, leaving a clear audit trail for every aspect of every assumption—so you’re always prepared for audits and reviews.

Guaranteed reproducibility

Integrate can re-execute all of your runs using all original parameters, including every file and component of the system, even down to the software version—so you can always prove precisely how you arrived at any number.

Advanced reporting & storytelling

The visualization tools in Integrate make it easy to flag, annotate, and comment on specific details in your data. Our additional storytelling features go even further by helping you capture those logs, analyses, and findings in a way that’s contextual, easy-to-understand, and simple to reproduce in a presentation or report.

End-to-end workflow & data management

Workflow management capabilities enable many different applications to be set up as batch processes, ready to be run regularly in a production environment. Integrate can easily automate millions of scheduled projections, greatly streamlining large scale, on-going model runs (such as valuation, capital management and stress-testing) and freeing up busy actuaries to do higher-value work.

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All Integrate solutions

Help desk

Our help desk gives you a single point of contact for support, connecting you with answers from our dedicated actuaries, IT professionals, and industry experts. With Integrate 3, you also receive a defined, guaranteed service model with set escalation points.

Cloud hosting

The entire Integrate platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, making it highly scalable and resilient. With Integrate 3, our operations team also continuously monitors your hosting, especially during high-capacity events.

Data storage

Our cloud storage system grows with you as your needs change, providing secure, scalable, and reliable data retention and management.


All Integrate levels guarantee 99.5% environment uptime, and Integrate 3 guarantees incident response and resolution within a specified window. Integrate 3 also comes with around-the-clock monitoring during critical reporting periods.

Disaster recovery

Secondary backup environments are established and maintained from day one, along with regular testing and validation year-round. If a disruption occurs in your environment, we seamlessly bring your data back online with no need for action on your part.

Use Cases

How does Integrate work for you?

Whether you’re looking for a basic model or a full-service actuarial solution, there’s an Integate solution for you.


Tapping into more computational power to manage change

A single platform helps to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure better governance and controls.


Making actuarial transformation a reality

The key to continued growth is completing an organizational shift in environment, culture, and infrastructure.


Managing the effects of massive growth

Integrate can help you tame the inefficient sprawl and inconsistency that often accompanies rapid growth.


Insight from the experts behind Integrate

Catch up on the latest thought leadership from Milliman, with insights on insurance, employee benefits and investment, risk management and financial services, and more.

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We’re passionate about partnering with people to solve complex problems. Let’s chat about what’s going on with your business, and how we can help.

Contact an Integrate expert

We’re passionate about partnering with people to solve complex problems. Let’s chat about what’s going on with your business, and how we can help.

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