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What level of Integrate is right for your organization?

Adopt the Integrate platform at the ideal level for your organization’s business needs—with tiers of service ranging from simple calculations and basic modeling to a complete end-to-end solution.

Flexibility and cloud computing

Integrate One

Integrate One builds on Integrate Base, enabling you to keep up with the latest best practices and innovations, while helping you to tap into the power and flexibility of the cloud with more scalability, reliability, and the freedom to customize on an open platform with strong governance.

Model development and change management

Integrate Two

Integrate Two builds on Integrate One and provides a higher level of governance through powerful tools to manage and control model development and change.

Complete transformation

Integrate Three

Integrate Three builds on Integrate Two and represents a complete actuarial transformation, with an automated, end-to-end solution, from initial data integration to advanced reporting and storytelling.

Calculation engine

Integrate Base

Integrate Base replaces MG-ALFA as the next-generation actuarial calculation engine. This foundational modeling software is hosted in the cloud and provides enhanced operational support and full disaster recovery services.

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