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Managing the effects of massive growth


The challenge

Growth is good, but the fragmentation and inconsistency that’s often caused by M&A activity—or even organic growth—can put a drag on future expansion.

Companies in this situation usually have too many different models, used for too many different purposes, all scattered across the organization. The net effect is poor model control, diminished governance, and inefficient production processes.

To get back on track and enable continued growth, these organizations are often urgently looking to:

  • Consolidate models and systems into a single platform
  • Get more control over the environment
  • Restore better governance
  • Plan for continued growth

If you’re in a large company experiencing rapid growth—or even an enterprise just grappling with multiple business units and a broad portfolio—you might have found yourself saying things like:

"The larger our company becomes, the more complex our issues get." "Our valuation teams are spending a huge majority of their time just on ensuring compliance." "There’s no clear trail of who has changed what and when, so we’re unprepared for audits and reviews."

The approach

The Integrate platform has helped many organizations control these issues and enable continued growth, with an approach that helps:

Consolidate sprawling processes and systems

Integrate can help bring together models and systems onto a single cloud-based platform with high-speed processing, efficient data management, easy access, and consolidated processes.

Take control of production processes

With Integrate, the system and all models reside in a highly secure, controlled environment. All actions are logged, changes are versioned, everything is auditable, and production results are reproducible.

Make better use of human resources

Through workflow automation and simplified governance, Integrate can help free up skilled actuaries from data work onto more high-value activities, such as better ALM analysis, more strategic decision-making, and developing new products.

The solution

Integrate Three is the right platform for companies trying to get the side effects of growth under control, so they can build a more stable and scalable system to enable continued expansion.

Typical outcomes for a company moving to Integrate Three include:

Greatly streamlined systems

Integrate Three can vastly reduce both processing times and the overall number of models and processes.

Better calculations

Our best-in-class actuarial calculation engine improves pricing, modeling, and valuation accuracy with built-in base functionality plus the ability to customize.

Improved workflow management

Integrate Three can enable many different applications to be set up as batch processes, easily automating thousands of scheduled projections and greatly simplifying large-scale, ongoing model runs.

Increased competitiveness

Even smaller companies are now pushing to increase production speeds, automate manual processes, and assist decision-making with more detailed analytics, and these areas are absolutely critical for larger companies that want to maintain or increase competitiveness and market traction.

Demonstrable ROI

Moving to Integrate Three has consistently generated significant ROI. One implementation generated a savings of three times the project cost after three years.

Learn more about how Integrate works for your business


What level of Integrate is right for your organization?

Adopt the Integrate platform at the ideal level for your organization’s business needs—with tiers of service ranging from simple calculations and basic modeling to a complete end-to-end solution.

Flexibility and cloud computing

Integrate One

Integrate One builds on Integrate Base, enabling you to keep up with the latest best practices and innovations, while helping you to tap into the power and flexibility of the cloud with more scalability, reliability, and the freedom to customize on an open platform with strong governance.

Model development and change management

Integrate Two

Integrate Two builds on Integrate One and provides a higher level of governance through powerful tools to manage and control model development and change.

Complete transformation

Integrate Three

Integrate Three builds on Integrate Two and represents a complete actuarial transformation, with an automated, end-to-end solution, from initial data integration to advanced reporting and storytelling.

Calculation engine

Integrate Base

Integrate Base replaces MG-ALFA as the next-generation actuarial calculation engine. This foundational modeling software is hosted in the cloud and provides enhanced operational support and full disaster recovery services.

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