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Making actuarial transformation a reality


The challenge

“Transformation” may be an over-used buzzword in our industry, but the concepts behind it are real. Some companies have already undergone a transformation in actuarial processes—shifting to the cloud and leveraging the computing power required for advanced valuation requirements. But many businesses may be just starting or wrapping up such a transformation.

Some examples of key drivers for a company that wants to scale up in this way are adapting to PBR and GAAP LDTI requirements. The goals of these transformations are typically:

  • Consolidating systems
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Better governance and control, for both the calculations and the data/reporting
  • Positioning the company for future growth

If you’re in a company with a reasonably large product portfolio, you’re already dealing with PBR and experiencing the challenges of that shift in environment, culture, and infrastructure. You might have found yourself saying things like:

"We’re spending too much time rewriting code and struggling with an outdated, inadequate, on-premise grid."

"Our actuaries are still too busy ‘turning the crank’—i.e., doing data work and creating numbers—instead of helping make strategic decisions and adding genuine value.”

The approach

The Integrate platform has helped many organizations start and complete genuine transformations, with an approach that helps:

Deliver managed and unlimited computing capacity

The cloud-native Integrate platform can scale up and down to meet your real-time needs—from a few hundred cores to several thousand—ensuring robust support for the modeling required by PBR and GAAP LDTI.

Reduce costs and increase flexibility

A single cloud-computing platform reduces costs, but Integrate also provides support with model development to leverage system flexibility for unique product features. When we partner with you on model development, all model changes are highly auditable, controlled, transparent, and portable. Partnering with your team, together we take on the annual process of upgrading your models’ business logic, helping you focus exclusively on those decisions that matter, so you can take advantage of improvements that we continuously incorporate into our own standard logic.

Fill in resource gaps

Even beyond the stability of strong SLAs, responsive support, and disaster recovery capabilities, the Integrate platform provides assurance in the form of a true partnership.

The solution

System consolidation onto the Integrate Two platform is the right choice for companies at the start of or in the midst of an actuarial transformation.

Typical outcomes for a move to Integrate Two in this scenario include:

A solid, growth-oriented roadmap

We partner with you to better understand and define your goals, so we can work together to develop a custom TOM that can become the roadmap for a transformation project.

A fully governed, collaborative model building environment

Integrate enables model developers to coordinate a release, work in parallel, define and enforce a process around change, and visually see and resolve conflicts, thereby increasing efficiency and consistency.

Improvements for valuation and governance

Enhanced capabilities can dramatically improve valuation, as well as governance and control around the production environment with the transparency and auditability of model changes.

A provably stronger organization

The comprehensive improvements of an Integrate implementation can empower management to go to the board, regulators, and rating agencies at the end of a project and declare success in becoming more efficient, nimble, and stable.

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What level of Integrate is right for your organization?

Adopt the Integrate platform at the ideal level for your organization’s business needs—with tiers of service ranging from simple calculations and basic modeling to a complete end-to-end solution.

Flexibility and cloud computing

Integrate One

Integrate One builds on Integrate Base, enabling you to keep up with the latest best practices and innovations, while helping you to tap into the power and flexibility of the cloud with more scalability, reliability, and the freedom to customize on an open platform with strong governance.

Model development and change management

Integrate Two

Integrate Two builds on Integrate One and provides a higher level of governance through powerful tools to manage and control model development and change.

Complete transformation

Integrate Three

Integrate Three builds on Integrate Two and represents a complete actuarial transformation, with an automated, end-to-end solution, from initial data integration to advanced reporting and storytelling.

Calculation engine

Integrate Base

Integrate Base replaces MG-ALFA as the next-generation actuarial calculation engine. This foundational modeling software is hosted in the cloud and provides enhanced operational support and full disaster recovery services.

Contact an Integrate expert

We’re passionate about partnering with people to solve complex problems. Let’s chat about what’s going on with your business, and how we can help.

Contact an Integrate expert

We’re passionate about partnering with people to solve complex problems. Let’s chat about what’s going on with your business, and how we can help.

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